When the month of January was entrusted to me, my first thought was the Times Square Ball. I was dead set on it until I realized that some people might consider New Years a December milestone. After some deliberation and stubbornness on my part, I decided to say, “screw it!” Why not open up this calendar with the very first image most people see in the New Year.

Anthony Wartinger

Anthony likes to design pretty things, loves Back to the Future and absolutely hates pickles. View Work


“When you grow up, your heart dies” — Allison Reynolds

I'm not a Valentines Scrooge or anything, but over the years, I've submitted to my cynicism a bit. I find it difficult to view love as anything more than a one, big joke. Thus, I created a surly, heart-shaped box of chocolates eating its insides. I'm seeing a therapist.

Shawn Green III

Creative, weird and passionate with a dash of whimsey. Always on the hunt to express himself. View Work


What better way to represent March than its oh-so-popular holiday, St. Paddy's Day? I wanted to do something fun that ties together the festivities of that holiday, as well as incorporate a little Irish feel. The four-leaf clover is there to give luck, while the glasses are a toast to those who celebrate. So go out there, get pinched and have a great time!

Susan Jauss

As an Ohio native, Susan is a sports enthusiast who enjoys spending her time outdoors and spoiling her nephews. View Work


After cycling through several concepts, I realized that I would ultimately end up with some sort of animal illustration since animals are so close to my heart. I started playing with the “April showers” concept. While using simple shapes to create the animals' bodies and umbrella, I added texture to create a visual and tactile interest for letterpress.

Linsey Free

When Linsey is not designing at Real Art, she takes care of her cats, dogs, pigs, and goats. View Work


When I first started brainstorming ideas for the month of May, I tried to find a concept that fit in with spring-y/summery objects and activities. I discussed it with a close friend, telling her I wanted to do it justice. I wanted it to look like, IT'S MOTHER FUCKING MAY, DUDE. Then I thought, well, what if I just lettered Mother fucking May? Boom. There it is.

Candy Niemeyer

Candy is a graphic designer and type enthusiast who works in downtown Cincinnati at Traction. View Work


I instinctively went to astronomy and symbolism with my design. In the spirit of numbers and systems, I used astrological signs and constellations that represent June and infused the illustration with personal symbolism: a ship that speaks to the journey I have been on, the lovely Alps, and the hot air balloon ride that is on my bucket list.

Reka Juhasz

A Hungarian born, American trained graphic designer, Reka has a passion for all things paper, letterpress and sushi related. View Work


There are a few simple qualities that make summer the greatest season of the year. Biking. Camping. Eating ice cream. In Ohio, each of these activities loses its luster once the season has passed. I hope this reminds you to get out there and do what you love while you still can.

Jordan Katterheinrich

Designer and photographer, Jordan is living and loving the bearded life in Columbus, Ohio. View Work


My illustration is dedicated to two of my very best friends—Gerrad and Mallory Wise—who got married back in August of 2012. I had a fantastic time and will always remember the amazing weekend camping on the French Broad River and watching two of my great friends get married.

Curtis Estridge

Curtis Estridge lives and works in Dayton, Ohio, and does not own a cat. View Work


I first wanted the month of September because I thought it sounded pretty, but after a trip to the library, I found some books on mushrooms and thought they just might be perfect. I found out after the fact that September is National Mushroom Month, so I knew it was just meant to be.

Beth Morris

Beth is a newbie in the design world. She is partial to dark chocolate and a good imagination. She lives and works in Dayton, Ohio. View Work


Fall is my favorite season, and October is my favorite month, so choosing my month was easy. I wanted to have something that fit into my personal style, but still required doing things that aren't part of my everyday design comfort zone, which is full of interactive design and chunks of code. Custom type, illustrated scenery and color limitations helped work my ideas into the final product.

Geoff Stump

designer. musician. free thinker. knowledge seeker. i choose my own path. xxx. View Work


I wanted something that expressed my feelings toward November and what it means to me. “Death is the beginning of something great” means to find beauty in even the worst things, such as death. When winter hits, it kills everything but it also produces something amazing, something that is original and unique every time it happens. It produces—snow.

Chris Martin

A creative problem solver based out of Columbus, Ohio, Chris loves to bike, skate, snowboard, wakeboard and be outside. View Work


I was so excited about this project that I had a hard time narrowing down my ideas. I really dig cool typography, so at least I had a path to follow. About 17 concepts later, I decided to go with a simple, fun string of Christmas lights that form a letter “D” for Dodgeball. Kidding, December! Dodgeball is great though, and who doesn't love Christmas lights in December?!

Emily Alabaster Webb

Emily is passionate about designing in the Queen City but not so much about writing her own bio. View Work