Thank you for your purchase. Truth be told, we are proud of this hand printed desk calendar. It is 4.25 inches wide and 6 inches tall. It comes with a hand cut, locally salvaged wooden stand and a piece of wildflower seed paper to help you stay rooted.

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Reka Juhasz

I have been itching to get back to exploring Hungarian folk patterns ever since an immature attempt at college to create an identity based on Hungarian embroidery shapes. The flowers, vines, dots and colors are all inherently different based on the regions of the country. I meshed and combined all shapes and sizes of the most interesting patterns to create what makes me excited on a daily basis—letters and typography.

A Hungarian born, American trained graphic designer, Reka has a passion for all things paper, letterpress and sushi related. View Work

Matt Zolman

Exposed to comic books at a young age, I fell in love with the storytelling and art medium immediately. From that storytelling, I imagined being a superhero running around the back yard and as most superheroes need tools to fight the bad guys, I picked up the bow and arrow. This love for both, led me to creating art for myself as well as the life long hobby of shooting competitive target archery.

Growing up shooting archery, the sport is part of my roots with the 3 arrows representing my wife and 2 kids who have captured my heart. And it's the Valentine's month with Cupid taking aim of spreading love. View Work

robin oatts

I was given the name Robin because I was born in the first month of Spring. It took decades for me to appreciate this season, but now it brings life for me in many ways. It's like a heavy weight is lifted giving everything a chance to begin again. All with the anticipation and belief that this time around, we will yield amazing things.

Robin loves designing. Whether it's a layout, photograph, home or friend's personal life. View Work

james graves

Rainy days weren't always dreaded, at least not by me. Growing up I cherished days spent in the rain but life got busy and rain became an inconvenience. Let's get back to our roots. The next time it's raining I encourage you to come out from under your umbrella and learn to play again.

I love illustrating things! Growing up, me and my four brothers would spend countless hours listening to Joy Electric and drawing pictures of far away lands. I grew up in a very creative environment and was always encouraged in my creative endeavors. I would be nothing without my God and my wife Mackenzie. View Work

Gevi Marotz

My father's family were pilgrims who came over in the Mayflower. I hand drew the ship and ocean as separate images and combined them together to make one graphic.

Gevi Marotz is an artist, designer and the Global Creative Director at Konrad Group. Gevi can currently be found pushing his aesthetic into new directions from his sunlit studio in Toronto, Canada. View Work

Natasha Johnson

As an omen of good fortune, let this Peony be a reminder that every person, every idea, and every dream had to endure a little dirt in order to grow – set roots, fear no obstacles, and be patient for the bloom.

If I could get back all the time I've dedicated to the internet...boy, would that be a lot of time. View Work

Molli Ross

Dandelions are natures sparklers. What better way to encapture the month of july than by combining two of my favorite childhood summer past-times; wishing upon the drifting florets of a dandelion and being mesmerized by the glow of an Independence Day sparkler.

Molli is a passionate designer in Dayton, OH. She enjoys coffee, cats, calligraphy, and alliteration. View Work

anthony wartinger

If I want to look back to my roots I must first look forward to the future. I could not pass up this opportunity to celebrate Back to the Future in 2015—a year with such technological achievements as the hoverboard, self-lacing shoes, and hydrated pizza! More importantly, BTTF helped define me, my love of film and my imagination. Whether it's the great outdoors or the Skyways of Hill Valley, in 2015 I hope you find yourself where you don't need roads.

Anthony likes to design pretty things, loves Back to the Future, and absolutely hates pickles. View Work

marshall norman

I chose September because it marks the start of fall. Fall is my favorite season to partake in one of my favorite past times: camping. Sitting around a camp fire, exposed, unplugged, sharing stories, and making memories with the people you care about is one of the best things in life. The totem pole comes from my Native American heritage which has always reminded me to get outside and not forget where I come from.

Dayton, Ohio born and raised. If I'm not designing or building websites you will likely find me outside with my wife and daughter, on my motorcycle, or playing in my band. View Work

Sara Hinegardner

I chose to illustrate October by going back to its roots rather than portraying mine. I spelled out the remainder of the month's name with a word that shares its root. Plus... octopus tentacles are just pretty rad.

Sara is often found with a Red Bull in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. She is a sarcastic person with really bad posture, and she guesses design is pretty cool too. View Work

Jung Heo

Unplug. Look around. Pay attention. You were always intended to be a part of it. Stay rooted in the roots.

Jung Heo. Artist. Korean-Kiwi-American. Friendships. Portland / PNW. View Work

Carl Decaire

Whether they are buried deep in the ground or reaching through history and time; roots are the building blocks of life. Without them, there would be no tradition to carry on, nor knowledge to share with others. There would be no trees for a bird to build its nest, no place for you to call home.

I’m Carl, a product designer helping artists make a living doing what they love for the seriously awesome Big Cartel (Salt Lake, Utah) from Columbus, Ohio. View Work

the 12 musketeers stay rooted in 2015

We stay rooted via our loving families, rockstar friends, design colleagues, and the paperreka print shop. The 2015 annual 12 Musketeers Calendar is made by school of advertising art graduates who were trained together in battle, formed alliances, and joined forces again to defend the honor of letterpress.

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2013 Calendar

  • Winner of 8 Addy awards for both the 2013 calendar and video: including 2 Silver National Addys, a Gold District 5 Addy and a Silver District 5 Addy.
  • Featured on numerous design blogs including FPO, DesignWorkLife, Lovely Stationery and Laughing Squid.
  • Everywhere from the UK, Canada, the Philippines, Slovenia and more ordered a 2013 Musketeers Calendar.

2014 Calendar

  • Winner of 6 Addy awards for the 2014 calendar, video and website: including a Gold District 5 Addy, a Silver District 5 Addy and a Judge's award.
  • Featured on numerous design blogs including Laughing Squid, The Hunter Press and Creative Bloq.
  • Everywhere from the UK, Canada, Australia, Hungary and more ordered a 2014 Musketeers Calendar.