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Dive Deeper

In 2020 the 12 Musketeers are jumping in & diving deep.

Hindsight is 2020. Spend your year deep diving into the depth of your human experience welcoming the new, the hard, the weird, the fun. Don’t let your year pass by, stay connected to what matters most deep down. Be ready to find comfort in the deep dark corners of your heart, just as much as observe the beauty of nature and its creatures around you. Know that you can always come up for air before you go back down to explore more.

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The whole package.


The Calendar

We custom illustrated and hand letterpress printed a two color limited edition of 150 desk calendars that measure 4.25 by 6 inches in size.


The Stand

We individually poured resin blocks and hand-dyed them blue for an ocean-inspired stands that are completely unique from one another.


The Bag

Mimicking fishing nets—we wrapped the calendars in a 100% organic cotton mesh, biodegradable, produce bag for your continued use.

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