01 January

January is notorious for fresh starts, new beginnings, and pressuring us into resolutions we just can’t keep. this year, I challenge you to reset with an internal shift. by simply changing the perspective of your thoughts, you can impact how you see and interpret the world.

02 February

There’s a lot going on in February from Groundhogs Day to Valentine's Day to Presidents Day (and my birthday of course). But I wanted this to be a learning experience for not only me but the viewer. After days of research and concepting I decided to honor Black History Month. On February 11th 1990 After 27 years of incarceration on February 11th 1990 Nelson Mandela was pardoned from prison and eventually became the President of South Africa.

03 March

Each year I design the default leftover month. Getting my birthday month this year felt like extra pressure. I wanted to highlight women’s issues (03.08) or talk about the 1848 Hungarian revolution (03.15) but nothing resonated no matter how hard I tried. After hearing a conference speaker it hit me. Around my birthday I always contemplate the year that has passed the year that’s ahead, and really, I ask myself, as I ask you my friend—what is in your heart? Look at March as a daily reminder to keep dreaming, wanting, exploring.

04 April

April is a time to refresh, to restart.
To find the missing vowels in your life.
To become alive.

05 May

May is the month that the flowers start to bloom, people begin to seek outdoor adventures. I love the outdoors and I am not afraid to get dirty. So, my concept started from the roots up.

06 June

For me, June means lots and lots of bike rides. The rest of summer does too, to be honest, but June is my favorite time for them. Dayton has great bike trails all over, but the trail near Carillon Park has always felt special to me. Coasting along, looking across the Great Miami River to the Dayton skyline is genuinely one of my favorite feelings, and I wanted that to come across as much as possible in my design.

07 July

For me, July is a month filled with wonderful memories of family road trips across the country, seeing the land, national parks and anything else that would catch our eye along the way. This is a tradition I still hold onto and try to roam as much as I possibly can.

08 August

Elvis died on August 16, 1976. The Ancient Aztec celebration, “Festival of the Dead,” took place in August and is the origin of Mexico's “Day of the Dead.” Elvis donned his Aztec influenced “Mexican Sundial” jump suit during his last concert. So naturally I chose geometric shapes and “Sugar Skull” design for this deathly mashup. VIVA AUGUST!

09 September

Fall isn’t just for falling leaves it’s for falling back into routine. Going back to school after summer break was always such an exciting time for me. Gearing up with new supplies, ready for new beginnings. It’s a time to learn something new and push yourself to do better than the year before.

10 October

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of Dia de los Muertos, families building altars to help their loved ones along their journey in the afterlife. I wanted to capture the hand crafted art of the day of the dead with hand lettering.

11 November

November is all about change; the weather, the leaves and most notably, the facial hair. I felt it was important in 2017 to celebrate Autumn's most distinguished milestone... No-Shave November. So this year don't cower in the cold or let your spirits drop with the temperature. Instead stand tall, with your chin to the sky and your beard majestic and full!

12 December

My concept was to reflect a wintery night in the High Rockies, as if the viewer saw it through a snow globe. I was very excited to create a typography-based illustration for the month of December. Being an avid snowboarder, hiker and dog walker, the Rocky Mountains are a constant source of inspiration.