2019 letterpressed calendar. The Musketeers get CMYKliché.

12 Musketeers, one alma mater, and a plethora of clichés connect the 4-color printing process to this year’s 12 Musketeers calendar. May the clichés guide you through a year of everything but the ordinary.


What’s included with the 2019 limited edition calendar.

Each year we challenge ourselves to create a cohesive look of 12 illustrations with one overarching theme that is exciting and new from years’ past. In year seven, we played around with the idea of different colored papers, narrowed it down to a few hues, and almost accidentally CMYKliché was born. The abbreviation stands for C (cyan) M (magenta) Y (yellow) and K (black), the 4-color printing process.

The calendar

4.25 inches wide x 6 inches tall calendar featuring 12 designs by 12 designers.

The stand

Hand cut, locally salvaged ash wood stand to hold your pages intact.

The credits

A detail sheet to give you more information on the 12 talented designers.

12 designers brought together by a dedication to design and a passion for the press.

Sparked by a friendly conversation seven years ago, the 12 Musketeers letterpress calendar project grew out of a morsel of a thought to unite the battle-trained Modern College of Design alums who joined forces in honor of defending the art of letterpress and all things hand printed. Each and every year we are grateful for the continued support of our families, friends, the Jetpack web agency, and the paperreka letterpress shop.